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'Every Moment Counts'

Here at YPD, we are a new and forward thinking sport academy operating in Hull, Huddersfield and Northampton. We offer a variety of programmes that provide children and young people with more opportunities to engage in sport. 

Our programmes:

- Football Development Programmes

- Junior Grassroot Football Teams

- PE Education Provision

- Holiday Camps

- YPD Community Projects

Now, more than ever the benefits of being engaged in sport are crucial for physical, social and mental well-being. Get started today across our 3 locations.

We will embed the belief that ‘every moment counts’ to inspire and motivate each individual to achieve their full potential in their learning journey. We understand the importance of nurturing and maturing the player holistically, as highlighted in the Children’s development models.

At YPD, we have a unique set of coaches that are equip with experience of delivering a range of different sporting programmes to suit everyone! We pride ourselves on being a passionate team. Within our practise sessions we aim to deliver enjoyable, challenging, engaging and varied methods to maximise our time together. Each session provides a clear focus with well thought-out and planned drills and games to suit the bespoke needs of each player we work with.

We hope to create a stimulating environment where people strive towards an ethos of help spread the values of forming a more positive and productive society for future generations.

To find out please contact YPD:

YPDHULL 07795467122 (Iwan) / YPDHUDDERSFIELD 07795467122 (Iwan) YPDNORTHAMPTON 07584256706 (Rhys)



or visit   


 Twitter: @YPDacademy     Instagram: @YPDacademy   Facebook:  @YPDacademy

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