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YPD Community CIC

'Every Moment Counts'

YPD Community CIC is an extension from Youth Player Development. Being a community interest company (CIC) allows use to access and utilize avenues of funding from social enterprises that want to use their profits and assets for the public good.

YPD Community CIC was formed during the lockdown period. With children and young people becoming less active than usual - it was now that we need to intervene more than ever and provide them with more opportunities. It is our aim to provide children and young people with more physical and all rounded well-being opportunities being at the heart of what we offer. We have a great understanding of the impact being involved in these activities can have and being a CIC will allow us to be inclusive to children from all backgrounds.

Being part of Youth Player Development, allows us to deploy an excellent set of staff that will help maximise our success. With a common goal, we want to inspire the next generation.

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